Adidas ZX 1000 Simpsons Flaming Moes

by adidas
Adidas ZX 1000 Simpsons Flaming Moes
Mix together eight types of liquor, Krusty-Brand cough syrup and cigarette ash and you’ve got yourself a Flaming Homer — known as a Flaming Moe once the tavern owner stole the recipe. It’s that highly questionable cocktail that inspires this adidas ZX 1000, continuing the Three Stripes’ partnership with The Simpsons. The runner’s usual mesh and suede panelling forms the upper, only each section is thickly outlined, cartoon-style, and doused in the beverage’s signature violet shade. It’s set ablaze by fiery overlays at the sidewall, then completed with a novelty shot glass lace jewel — and that’s as close as we’d recommend getting to this particular tipple. Mesh UppersSuede OverlaysTorsion SystemEVA MidsoleRubber OutsoleStyle Code: H05790


Adidas ZX 1000 Simpsons Flaming Moes