Milan Italy

Since its inception in 1994 by Consuelo Castiglioni, luxury brand Marni has made a name for itself by utilizing print and color to stand out from the crowd. Inspired by colors and patterns reminiscent of retro fashion, a freedom envelopes each piece that teems with luxury and taste. At Francesco Risso's appointment as creative director in 2016, the brand has renewed its vigor for the offbeat, non-conformance that has always shone through in Castiglioni's work, but at the same time evolving as a ready-to-wear brand that will always keep connoisseurs of the fashion world on their toes.

Marni currently has 561 items worth approximately $328,260 in total. The average item price is $585. The main category segment is Clothing Casual Shirts Printed Shirts, shirts, wallets, Luggage & Bags > Messenger Bags, Apparel & Accessories > Clothing > Pants, and Apparel & Accessories > Clothing. Marni was first added to CLOTHBASE on November 27, 2017 over almost 4 years ago.

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