Nestled in the Italian Alps, ZEGNA was founded in 1910 by Ermenegildo Zegna, who used his father's looms to create bespoke men's suits. Over a century later, the brand remains true to its commitment to quality and luxury, with a vision that includes opulent textiles and sophisticated scents. In addition to its technical and stylish activewear, ZEGNA has also delved into the world of winter sports, collaborating with brands such as Kask and La Sportiva. Despite its evolution and boundless curiosity, ZEGNA stays connected to its roots, as represented by its iconic striped logo in the colors of the vicuña, a symbol of the brand's beginnings in the Alps.

Zegna has 1,591 items worth approximately $1,615,019 in total; the average item price is $1,015. Item categories include: clothing, down jackets, t-shirts, suits, pants, general purpose athletic equipment, briefs, shirts & tops, turtlenecks, slim jeans, leather belts, plain t-shirts, coats & jackets and more. Zegna was first added to Clothbase on January 07, 2023 over 11 months ago. Followed by 103 other members.

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