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Richard Saturnino Owens was born November 18, 1962. Known as Rick Owens, is an American fashion designer from Porterville, California. Since 1994, designer Rick Owens has turned his dark, dusty color palette and iconic leather jackets and boots into a chic, urban uniform. Embracing an edgy streetwear vibe, Owens manipulates fabrics into deceivingly light, cocoon-like silhouettes.

Rick Owens currently has 685 items worth approximately $647,309 in total. The average item price is $945. The primary categroy area is Long Sleeve Tees, Pants, Shirts & Blouses, Jeans, Clothing & Accessories, Outdoor Coats & Jackets, T-Shirts, Sweaters, Blazers, Backpacks, Keychains, Wallets & Money Clips, Sweats, Shorts, Boots, Jackets & Coats, Shirts, Sweat Pants, Luxury Sneakers, Gloves, Scarves & Shawls, Sneakers, Sandals, Jackets, Books, Trousers, Wallets, Bags, Socks, Vests, TShirts, Chinos, Lanyards And Key Rings, Iphone Cases, Messenger Bags, Boxer Shorts, leather jackets, Knitwear, Hats, Coats, Men Sale, and Tote Bags. Rick Owens was first added to Clothbase on October 16, 2017 over 7 months ago.

Rick Owens

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