Rolex GMT Master II 16760

by Rolex
One of the first truly legendary Rolex sports watches, the GMT-Master was first created in the early 1950s in collaboration with now-defunct airline Pan AM, to provide pilots with a watch with a second time zone. In 1983, the already iconic watch was updated and renamed the GMT-Master II. The first GMT-Master II reference was the 16760, of which this watch is a fine example. The 16760 has an extra thick case and is notable for being the first Rolex GMT to feature the “Coke” bezel in red and black (the more common version was the blue and red “Pepsi” bezel), and the first to use the 3085 movement, which made the 24-hour hand independently adjustable.
This Rolex has undergone a thorough inspection of water resistance, accuracy, functionality and condition to determine the level of reconditioning required to meet our strict standards. It has also been referenced against technical documents and manufacturer records where available to ensure authenticity and a clean history. All our watches have a 24-month warranty for your peace of mind.
Box: No
Year: Approx. 1984
Product code: 210952
Case size: 40 MM
Case material: Steel
Movement: Automatic A mechanical watch is powered by a spring. Manual mechanical watches must be hand wound. Automatic watches are also mechanical, and are wound by a weight that spins with the wearer's movements. A quartz watch is battery powered and extremely accurate.
Bracelet material: Steel (Oyster)
Dial type: Black
Water resistance: 100 metres

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