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German underwear brand Schiesser’s survival of two World Wars and an economic crisis is a testament to their heritage of longevity. Crafting underclothes since 1875, Schiesser’s ethos is to practice longevity by marrying it with comfort and style, firm in its belief that crafting underwear should be done with care. Establishing classics such as the original fine rib and double rib fabric, Schiesser combines tradition with widespread appeal, constantly working to improve their modern catalogue for years to come.

Schiesser currently has 298 items worth approximately $26,026 in total. The average item price is $87. The main category segment is Clothing Pajamas Pajama Tops, Clothing & Accessories, Lounge Tops, Clothing Pyjamas Pyjama tops, Long Sleeve Tees, and Clothing T-Shirts Striped t-shirts Linen T-Shirts. Schiesser was first added to CLOTHBASE on October 16, 2017 over about 4 years ago.

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