Montblanc currently has 289 items worth approximately $582,557 in total. The average item price is $2,016. The primary categroy is Accessories Bags Backpacks, Luxury Watches Dress watches, Lifestyle Luggage and Travel, Accessories Bags Messenger bags, Accessories Sunglasses Aviator, Lifestyle Pens and Stationery Pens and Pencils, Lifestyle Pens and Stationery, Grooming Tools and accessories Wash bags, Accessories Wallets Billfold wallets, Lifestyle Luggage and Travel Travel accessories, Luxury Watches Watch accessories Watch straps, Luxury Watches Chronograph watches, and Accessories Sunglasses D-Frame. Montblanc was first added to CLOTHBASE on November 20, 2017 over over 2 years ago.

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