Paris France

Simon Porte Jacquemus started his own label in 2009, not long after the death of his beloved mother. Jacquemus, named after Simon's late mother, emphasizes natural beauty and the spirited qualities of childhood in its clothing, shoes, and handbags. Jacquemus is marked by its asymmetric designs, neutral and pastel tones, and laid-back Mediterranean style.

Jacquemus currently has 1250 items worth approximately $496,339 in total. The average item price is $397. The main category segment is Apparel & Accessories > Clothing, messenger bags, glasses, Clothing Sweats Hoodies, Clothing Polo Shirts Short Sleeve Polo Shirts, and Clothing Casual Shirts Short Sleeved Shirts. Jacquemus was first added to CLOTHBASE on June 21, 2018 over over 4 years ago.

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