Marine Serre

Coming in various color palettes and swatches, Marine Serre's trademark crescent pattern printed on jersey stretch fabric has solidified her as an icon of creative genius. At fifteen years old, Serre started in fashion through upcycling various materials and continues the practice in her current collections. Her creative eye has led her to be the youngest designer to win the LVMH prize in 2017 with her collection “Radical Call for Love” at a mere twenty-six years old. With her work featured on screens and stages from K-Pop favorites to Beyoncé, Serre approaches fashion unafraid of change and challenge, garnering her an audience that always looks toward the future.

Marine Serre currently has 505 items worth approximately $319,346 in total. The average item price is $632. The main category segment is Apparel & Accessories > Clothing > Shirts & Tops, trousers, hoodies & zipups, tank tops, gloves, and caps & flat caps. Marine Serre was first added to CLOTHBASE on June 21, 2018 over almost 5 years ago. Followed by 105 other members.

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