Naples Italy

With roots grounded in Naples, Italy, starting from 1956, bespoke menswear label Kiton easily rises above the rest. With high esteem for their standards of fabric and craftsmanship, it's no surprise that the brand only produces the finest menswear available—at a steep price. But it's warranted; all pieces are done by hand, typical of the Neapolitan method, with painstaking care, racking up hours (25, to be precise) to ensure quality for a single suit. As for material, Kiton's selection isn't stingy; the brand uses some of the finest, most luxurious wools available, often highly delicate types that require exceptional skill to handle—most notably the famed vicuña, a rare, extremely luxurious material that is as scarce as it costly. One must look at a Kiton suit as a true investment, as luxury doesn't come cheap—but it is worth it.

Kiton currently has 158 items worth approximately $476,045 in total. The average item price is $3,013. The main category is Clothing Suits Suit Pants, Clothing Polo Shirts Long Sleeve Polo Shirts, Clothing Blazers Single Breasted Blazers, Clothing Sweats Zip Throughs, Clothing Casual Shirts Plain shirts, and Clothing Blazers Double Breasted Blazers. Kiton was first added to CLOTHBASE on February 19, 2020 over over 1 year ago.

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