Okayama Japan

Japanese born and bred label Kapital has denim down to a fine art. Founded and based in Okayama, the the denim capital of Japan, founder Toshikiyo Hirata built the method Kapital operates on with his own hands: maintaining relationships of suppliers within Japan to maintain the quality of its work, incorporating American material and aesthetic into the practice, all while aligning to the traditional ways of handling and using Japanese fabrics. One of the most coveted denim brands in the world, Kapital crafts pieces that carry a sense of tradition, each garment a testament to a long-standing legacy of quality and craftsmanship.

KAPITAL currently has 444 items worth approximately $191,536 in total. The average item price is $431. The main category segment is Accessories Hats Beanies, Accessories Bags Messenger Bags, Man > Clothing > Sweatshirts, Clothing T-shirts Printed T-shirts, Clothing Sweats Sweatpants, and Clothing Coats And Jackets Fleece Jackets. KAPITAL was first added to CLOTHBASE on April 04, 2018 over over 3 years ago.

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