Edinburgh Scotland

Hunter Boot Ltd. is a rubber wellington boot and footwear brand. Originally established as North British Rubber Company in 1856, the company is headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland with offices in London, New York and Düsseldorf. Besides rubber boots, the company sells other products such as bags, socks, and other accessories. Historically, they have also been involved in the manufacture of tyres, conveyor belts, combs, golf balls, hot water bottles and rubber flooring. Described as a British heritage brand, Hunter holds several Royal Warrants by Appointment as suppliers of waterproof footwear.

The ubiquitous Green Welly is its best known product. The Hunter green welly, now manufactured in China, is favoured by the hunting set, and has become a fashion item.

Hunter currently has 138 items worth approximately $18,460 in total. The average item price is $134. The main categroy is Boots. Hunter was first added to CLOTHBASE on November 16, 2017 over about 1 year ago.

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