Copenhagen Denmark

Danish fashion label Ganni is every Instagram cool girl's dream. Run by husband-and-wife duo Ditte Reffstrup (as creative director) and Nicolaj Reffstrup (as CEO), Ganni adamantly admits that it is "not a sustainable brand," and instead makes moves to become the "the most responsible version" of themselves, accepting that newness is a constant must in fashion. This level of transparency and authenticity, coupled with the universal appeal of their relaxed, chic aesthetic, has dubbed Ganni a "must-support" brand by customers all over the world.

GANNI currently has 792 items worth approximately $209,851 in total. The average item price is $265. The primary category segment is coats, long dresses, mid length dresses, short dresses, blouses, and shirts. GANNI was first added to CLOTHBASE on April 10, 2020 over almost 2 years ago.

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