Finamore 1925


Naples Italy

Finamore 1925 is an Italian luxury brand renowned for its exquisite handcrafted shirts with fine fabrics. With a preference for subtle elegance, the brand offers an exquisite array of tailored clothing that expresses a timeless refinement. Inspired by Napoli's rich tradition of craftsmanship, each shirt is painstakingly hand-stitched showcasing the finesse and skill of their master tailors. Among the cult following of Finamore 1925, several globally recognized celebrities can be found.

Finamore 1925 has 40 items worth approximately $11,597 in total; the average item price is $290. Item categories include: shirts & tops, coats & jackets and more. Finamore 1925 was first added to Clothbase on September 01, 2023 over 3 months ago.

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