Florence Italy

Enter the romantic, eclectic and free-spirited world of Gucci. The Italian super brand has been radically transformed by its new creative director Alessandro Michele, who has reinvented the overall aesthetic with a kooky bohemian edge.

Gucci currently has 729 items worth approximately $737,600 in total. The average item price is $1,012. The main categroy is Pants, Accessories, Clothing & Accessories, Sandals, Sunglasses, Jeans, Outdoor Coats & Jackets, Wallets & Money Clips, Bracelets, Suits And Jackets, Coats & Jackets, Backpacks, Sweaters, Necklaces, Duffel Bags, Shorts, T-Shirts, Hi-Tech, Knitwear, Denim, Timepieces, Footwear, Small Leather Goods, Shirts, Messenger Bags, Shirts & Blouses, Books, Keychains, Scarves & Shawls, Rings, Swimwear, and Handbags. Gucci was first added to Clothbase on October 16, 2017 over 5 months ago.

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