Tokyo Japan

Tokyo-based label Ambush is the brainchild of self-taught designer Yoon Ahn and her husband, hip-hop artist and producer Verbal. Conceived in 2008 as an experimental jewelry collection, the brand’s unisex statement pieces quickly gained a following among fashion’s boldest and brightest. This rapid expansion led to a slew of collaborations with various sought-after artists and tastemakers prior to the launch of Ambush’s first ready-to-wear collection in 2018. Vintage Americana collides unexpectedly with sleek hip-hop styling, while utilitarian hardware, irreverent graphic tees, and military-inspired accessories mesh seamlessly with chain-heavy bracelets and necklaces. Reflecting the fearless spirit and star-power magnetism of the brand’s founders, these streetwear offerings constitute Ambush’s inimitably rebellious approach to design.

Ambush currently has 356 items worth approximately $220,660 in total. The average item price is $620. The main category focus is Clothing & Accessories, T-Shirts, bracelets, Sunglasses, down, and Sweat Pants. Ambush was first added to CLOTHBASE on November 27, 2017 over over 3 years ago.

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