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Definitely a brand that can stand up to sportswear retail giants, Saucony is an American classic. Launched in 1898 and gaining a reputation of unquestionable quality, the footwear company champions comfort and flexibility without compromising its support for performance. While, through time, the brand had continuously improved its technology and expanded its range to cover men's and women's sports apparel and accessories, the label's classic aesthetic grew out of the runner niche and into mainstream fashion. Tapping into their classic lines and reworking them has been an approach that Saucony practiced in the effort of upholding tradition while breathing new life into sport and style.

Saucony currently has 131 items worth approximately $13,679 in total. The average item price is $104. The main category segment is Clothing & Accessories, Sneakers, Shoes, and Shoes Sport Shoes Running Shoes. Saucony was first added to CLOTHBASE on October 16, 2017 over almost 5 years ago.

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