Los Angeles USA

PLEASURES is a Los Angeles-based streetwear label that primarily creates punk, metal and grunge-inspired clothing. It is best known for its distinctive and bold graphic designs that push boundaries. The brand aims to evoke emotions and stimulate senses, expressing its narrative of punk ideology, pop culture and personal feelings through its distinct collections. Most of their sales come from T-shirts embellished with thematic graphics.

PLEASURES has 1,028 items worth approximately $91,666 in total; the average item price is $89. Item categories include: hats, pants, coats & jackets, sweatshirts, outerwear, activewear, shirts & tops, socks, shirts, t-shirts and more. PLEASURES was first added to Clothbase on July 09, 2019 over over 4 years ago. Followed by 120 other members.

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