Launched in 2015, CamperLab is the youthful subsidiary of the distinguished Camper label. The Mallorca-based diffusion takes a playful approach to design under the creative direction of Achilles Ion Gabriel, producing a colorful range of women’s footwear aimed at reflecting the vivacious spirit of Spain’s Balearic islands. Blocky heels rendered in rich tones of earthy green and bright turquoise nod to the natural beauty of the Mediterranean coastline. Ankle boots with rugged soles draw inspiration from the traditional footwear of Mallorcan farmers. The brand’s iconic Hastalavista slip-on sandal—crafted from comfy memory foam—is the ultimate beach-ready accessory. CamperLab’s bold, modern cuts and eye-catching colors reinvigorate the simplicity and sophistication of its parent line with a charming joie de vivre.

CamperLab currently has 66 items worth approximately $21,215 in total. The average item price is $321. The main category focus is lace ups, high top sneakers, loafers, low top sneakers, zip up & buckled boots, and Apparel & Accessories > Clothing. CamperLab was first added to CLOTHBASE on October 07, 2020 over almost 2 years ago.

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