Boiler Room 3M Logo Popover Hoody

by Boiler Room
Boiler Room 3M Logo Popover Hoody
Taking cues from the DIY culture of ravers and rebels alike, this Boiler Room hoody is tie dyed to achieve its black and bleach finish. Made in Portugal from organic cotton, the sustainable style is fronted with a reflective, vinyl-inspired logo, while a magnified rendition adorns the back. Clothes made for clubbing, this is underground elegance that’s sure to make a statement in a poorly lit warehouse.

100% Organic Cotton
Tie Dyed
Drawstring Hood
Reflective Branding
Pouch Pocket
Ribbed Trims
Made in Portugal

This product has undergone a tie dyeing process; any uneven colour of the surface is a distinctive feature of the wash.

$75  /  $119

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Boiler Room 3M Logo Popover Hoody